Dear Patient,
We are reaching to you to let you know that our office is open for regular services. To best serve our patients, we have changed our working hours. We will be working more hours during the week, as we are now open every Friday. However we are no longer open on Saturdays.
To accommodate the demands of the Covid-19 protocols, we are implementing new rules. We are seeing one patient at the time to avoid cross contamination and also to be able to disinfect every area each patient was in the office. Also we are following all the recommendation of the CDC and the ADA/ODA to protect our patient and our office employees.
I should let you know that there has been some changes in our personal. Sylvia who has been with us for many years has decided to take a position closer to her house, but in her position you will find a familiar person, Lindsay. Lindsay English has been with us for 3 years as my assistant and she has demonstrated great potential as a hard worker and intelligent woman. She is extremely dedicated to do a great job for everybody. I feel very happy to have her with me, as she has been doing great things for the office and I am sure she will go an extra mile to help you understand your insurance benefits and to guide you with your accounts. My new assistant is Michelle Nelson. Michelle is a smart woman with 26 years of experience; she is very understanding with patients and knowledgeable with her work.

Estela V. DeCastecker, DDS
Decastecker Dental Specialists


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