Simple / Surgical Extraction
Saving your natural teeth whenever possible is always our goal. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the best option and it becomes necessary to extract a tooth to protect the health of your other teeth. We are highly experienced at performing simple extractions when a tooth has become so decayed or damaged that it needs to be removed. This procedure involves Dr. DeCastecker applying slight pressure with a specially designed instrument to gently and gradually ease the tooth from the socket. Once removed, Dr. DeCastecker will clean the area and allow it to naturally heal. While the site is healing, she can fit you with a temporary tooth to wear. Once she determines the site is sufficiently healed, she will work with you to present treatment options to permanently replace the extracted tooth.

Simple Extraction

Description: This video shows you how a tooth is removed with minimal instrumentation and without surgery.


Description: This video shows you how excessive calculus and bacterial deposits are removed
from beneath the gumline to stop the spread of gingivitis.

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