“Most people who wear dentures have struggled with chronic gum disease or have had a history of poor oral health. This means they have suffered from chronic inflammation in their mouth, for long periods of time… which can be considered one of the causes of oral cancer.

These patients eventually will require dentures to replace their missing teeth, which by themselves won’t cause cancer. However, due to the history of the patients’ oral health, it is very important that they are mindful to reduce the chances of inflammation in their mouth. Poorly fitting dentures can trap substances and injure gum tissues due to uneven pressure in the ridge of the jaw. This pressure can cause lacerations and ulcers in their gums. Unfortunately, this situation can mimic the chronic inflammation that these denture-wearers had before their appliances.

Therefore, it is very important to maintain good oral hygiene by making regular visits to your dentist. He/she can evaluate your appliances, the condition of your gums and screen for oral cancer. A 6 month periodic exam with ultrasonic cleaning of the dentures will help to prevent inflammation in the oral cavity and will help to increase the longevity of your dentures”.

Dr. Estella DeCastecker  Mentor Ohio Dentist