“Are you looking for a whiter smile and a happy, youthful look? There are many products in the market that offer the possibility to obtain this. The problem is in making the decision as to which product is a better fit for you. My personal and professional experience has brought me to the conclusion that our lives are very busy and the best way to achieve ‘a whiter smile’ is by having the process performed in office. It takes 2 hours of your time, you usually achieve a brightness 3 or more shades lighter on your teeth, and you may experience minimal sensitivity for only one day, that can easily be lessened with an over the counter pain medication.

Whitening can be scheduled directly after you have had a dental exam and a cleaning. This will allow us to improve the whitening results by allowing more time if needed, and diagnose any possible complications and/or gum problems.”

Benefits of In Office Teeth Whitening:

1) Less time required to avoid food or drinks that may stain your teeth

The process of teeth staining is due to our every day food intake. Red and dark drinks and food will get absorbed into the enamel tubules, (microscopic structures that make up the enamel, the outer layer of the tooth). The problem with other systems performed at home, is that in order to avoid the retake of these dark food and drink stains, you will be required to watch your food intake during the whole time your are whitening your teeth. With the in office system you only need to avoid these food and drinks for the following 2 days after the whitening process has been performed.

2) Professional supervision to oversee possible chemical reactions to your gums

Another advantage of in office whitening is that your gums will not be exposed to the chemicals without professional supervision. This decreases the chance of serious gum problems developing, as a result of your whitening.

3) More flexibility to accommodate comfort while whitening

In our Mentor dental office we offer Venus White®. It is a 38% Hydrogen Peroxide gel that gets applied 3-4 times for 15-20 min sessions. The whitening material gets activated by mixing the 2 parts right before it is applied to the teeth, therefore there is no need to use a light to activate the whitening. This I consider an advantage because patients have more flexibility and comfort while whitening to accommodate or move during the sessions.

“With brighter teeth, you can enjoy your summer, have fun and smile a lot!”

Dr. Estela DeCastecker


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