Technology doesn’t replace the knowledge and experience of a good dentist, but it can definitely help them be more precise while improving patient comfort.

DeCastecker Dental is pleased to announce that we have invested in the most advanced imaging technology available—the iTero Scanner. It’s a small handheld device that we use to generate a sequence of photographic images to create a 3D full-color model of your teeth and gums through safe optical and laser technology.

The iTero Scanner enables us to take images of your entire mouth quickly and easily. You can immediately see an accurate rendering of your teeth and Dr. DeCastecker can clearly explain any problem areas and the best course of treatment. The technology also enables her to show you a 3D rendering of the expected results of a treatment to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

The 3D scans are particularly useful for treatments like Invisalign Clear Aligners, custom night guards and dental appliances for teeth clenching and grinding.

The Benefits of iTero Scanning

  • No Cost—because we think taking a scan of your mouth is so important, we make this technology available to you at no additional charge.
  • Speed—iTero scanning eliminates the need to take molds of your teeth and helps make appointments faster. The technology allows the lab to print a 3D model for fabrication of crowns, bridges, night guards and other dental appliances.
  • Comfort—No more gunk or uncomfortable appliances in your mouth needed to take impressions of your teeth.
  • Better Results—scans are much more accurate than impressions, providing an extremely detailed visual of your teeth and soft tissue. From visit to visit, you can see and compare the status of your gum and teeth health because we have a clear record of your oral health.
  • Safety—the iTero scanner does not use radiation, which means it can be safely used for everyone, even for pregnant women.

“At DeCastecker Dental, we care about your health and have invested in your future with our new iTero Scanner. This exciting technology enables a more precise evaluation and the ability to clearly show you how a specific treatment can help your teeth look in the future,” said Dr. DeCastecker. “We are taking proactive steps to alleviate concerns that patients may have on visiting their dentist as well as eliminating discomfort”

Contact us to schedule your next visit and we’ll show you how the iTero Scanner helps us better evaluate your oral health and offers patient education while making your visit more comfortable.

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