“When we talk about preventative dentistry, we are talking about the need to have good oral hygiene. This would include identifying foods or drinks we should, and should NOT consume, as well as the importance of regular checkups to the dentist (every 6 months is recommended).

To maintain good oral hygiene one should brush twice a day with a soft toothbrush (using circular strokes), and floss at least once a day. The best time for flossing is before bedtime. In relation to the foods and drinks, one should reduce the intake of high-refined carbohydrates, such as soft drinks, fruit juices, and candies (primarily those that stick in your teeth). However, a regular checkup to the dentist is most important for proper oral hygiene.

Each individual has different oral needs. These needs change as we get older, or as our diet changes. By going to the dentist every 6 months, one can get an update on their oral condition, information on the changes they may be experiencing, and the best recommendations to maintain their oral health.

The oral cavity is the entrance into the body. It is the first area of defense against pathogens. It is the first place where health changes or problems can be observed and found. This is why regular dental checkups are an imperative measure that should never be skipped.”

Dr. Estella DeCastecker

DDS DeCastecker Dental Specialists

Mentor Ohio Dentist